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Mostly what PopDaddyGames allready said : 

I also like the 3D cave effect, it also reminds me of SouthPark :D

The music goes on my nerves after some time, make it more "non-intrusive" if you can and it will add a lot to the game play.

It is too slow.

Thank you for playing my game! I appreciate your feedback!


  • I love the 3D pillar artwork- the depth is really neat and the way the texture is layered on is a great aesthetic.
  • Reminds of South Park, but in a great light-hearted way.
  • I love that it's very reminiscent of classic aRPG's (like Gauntlet, etc.)
  • Intro is awesome- it's always great to have exposition


  • faster - Enemies move slow, game is overall slow, thus "easy"
  •  ramping difficulty curve - it looks like it doesn't really get "harder"... you've just been playing longer
  • More enemy types / combat techniques, etc
  • Prevent enemies from going through walls
  • Make "leveling up" more apparent- it's hard to tell what actually happens after you spend your upgrade point

Overall: Great entry to all game jam! I'd definitely play other jam games you make!


Thanks again for playing my games! As I mentioned on discord, I really appreciate the feedback!